A Decentralized Platform for Digital Signature Powered by Blockchain

imdaat (signatures) is a web 3.0 decentralized app built over a blockchain technology. The objective of the DApp is to allow its users to sign documents and ensure authenticity of documents. By facilitating the organic growth of a web of trusted entities (users, companies), a decentralized ecosystem is formed in which certificated can be issued and validated. This is similar in form to DAOs (decentralized autonomous organization) in which the ecosystem decides on who to include and exclude from the trusted ecosystem. Imda@ eliminates the need for a centralized authentication authority such as Public Key Infrastructure which is less secure and unautomated. Imdaat is a standalone DApp (mobile and website) and can also be used a supporting service for other DApps that require the signing and authentication of documents. Visit Imdaat

Imdaat fits different use-cases but it's most useful for decentralized ecosystems that need to sign, communicate and validate the authenticity of documents and document issuers. It can be tailored to fit the needs of any organization or ecosystems of companies that wish to streamline their processes with digital signature.